Compose in the Cloud

Kelda Blimp is a drop-in replacement for Docker Compose that perfectly implements your existing docker-compose.yml. Give your containers their own sandbox in the Kelda Development Cloud.

  • Drop in replacement for Docker Compose
  • Runs in the cloud but feels local
Blimp architecture
Fast & Automatic Remote Volumes

Fast & Automatic Remote Volumes

Volumes in your docker-compose.yml transparently and automatically mount to your containers in the Kelda Development Cloud. Kelda Blimp volumes are fast, and work without any configuration or setup.

Localhost Tunneling

Localhost Tunneling

Your remote containers are available on your laptop over localhost.

  • Use Kelda Blimp with zero changes to your workflow. Your containers run remote but feel local.
  • Offload just your dependencies to the cloud, and run your critical in-development code locally.
Environment Sharing

Environment Sharing

Easily generate a unique shareable link to your Kelda Blimp environment. Allow colleagues to see your in-progress work and offer feedback.

Shift from running locally to in the cloud

Running Docker Locally

    1. Slow laptop from running too many containers
    2. Slow disk I/O when working with volumes
    3. Obscure issues caused by nested virtualization on Windows and MacOS

Kelda Blimp

    1. Run containers on large machines
    2. Fast disk I/O enabled by eventually consistent file syncing
    3. Use any OS to run your IDE. Your containers run directly on Linux, just like in production

Kelda Blimp Use Cases

Free laptop

Free your laptop’s CPU and RAM
Keep your laptop light and fast by running just your development tools locally, such as your IDE and debugger. Free up the CPU and memory required to run your services locally, and increase your laptop’s battery life.

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Run all services

Run all the services you need in order to test.
Get full confidence that your code works with all your dependencies by booting all of your services. Kelda Blimp can handle as many services as you need.

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Secure laptop

Work even without root access.
Kelda Blimp is perfect for security conscious organizations that don’t allow developers to install Docker on their laptops.

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Made for developers

Made for developers

Kelda Blimp is for developers working on software made of multiple containers, and who are using Docker Compose to boot up all of their dependencies on their laptops

  • Keep using your current workflow
  • Works with your existing docker compose files
  • Use it at work, on your laptop, during development
  • You can set it up without anyone’s help