Integrating With Templating Tools

The script field can be used to integrate with templating tools such as kustomize.

When specified, Kelda runs the script when booting, and deploys the output of the script. The following example runs the kustomize build command before deploying the output.

If the name field is absent, the service name is the name of the deployment object from the output of the script field.
  - name: "hello"
    script: ["kustomize", "build", "./overlays/development"]

See here for the full kustomize example. The example doesn’t have any development services, so run it with kelda dev --no-sync.

Environment Variables

The following environment variables are available to the commands specified by the script field:

  • KELDA_NAMESPACE: The user’s Kelda namespace from the user config.


We also have first class support for Helm.