Specifying Your Deployment YAML with Helm

By default, the Workspace configuration deploys services with raw Kubernetes YAML.

If the directory contains a Chart.yaml file, Kelda will treat the directory as a Helm chart, and automatically convert it into raw Kubernetes YAML when deploying.

By default, Kelda uses the values.yaml file located in the same directory as the Chart.yaml.


The gateway service in the Magda example uses a Helm chart.

Its directory structure looks like this:

├── Chart.yaml
├── templates
│   ├── configmap-gateway-config.yaml
│   └── deployment-gateway.yaml
└── values.yaml

Because it contains a Chart.yaml file, Kelda treats the entire directory as a Helm chart, and renders the template according with the values.yaml file.

It then deploys the rendered Kubernetes YAML as if the YAML were specified directly.


Kelda uses helm template to convert Helm charts into raw Kubernetes YAML.

Because Kelda doesn’t use Tiller to deploy the Helm chart, certain features such as lifecycle hooks aren’t supported.