Node Todo (Github) is a simple Node.js todo list application developed by scotch.io.

Clone the Github repo

git clone https://github.com/kelda-inc/node-todo

Download Blimp

curl -fsSL 'https://kelda.io/get-blimp.sh' | sh

Or, we’re also on Homebrew:

brew install kelda/tools/blimp

Login to Blimp

blimp login

Boot the app

blimp up

If you have docker installed locally, and want to try the image building feature, run blimp up -f ./docker-compose-local-build.yml instead.

View the app

Access http://localhost:8080 in your browser. To view the node-todo app. Blimp opens an encrypted tunnel to your sandbox in the cloud.

Make a code change

Open app/routes.js in your preferred text editor, uncomment the code on line 12, and save the file.

Kelda Blimp will sync the change into the container, and nodemon will restart the Node server.

Confirm that the code change worked

Reload http://localhost:8080. You will now see each todo prepended with “Kelda:”

Explore the other Blimp commands

blimp ps

blimp logs web

blimp ssh web


Kafka is a popular distributed streaming platform. For instructions on how to try it out with Blimp, see our Github repo.