Compose Differences

While blimp supports most Docker Compose features in common use, there are some differences that are worth noting.

Supported Operating Systems

Kelda Blimp currently supports MacOS, Linux, and Windows with WSL. Native Windows support is on the roadmap.


All blimp sandboxes in the Kelda Development Cloud are preemptible. When an instances is left unused for more than an hour, it will be automatically shut down and restored when the user returns. Preemption happens at least once every 24 hours for all sandboxes.


Blimp does not yet support every command and option available in Docker Compose CLI. If there’s something missing that you need, join the Slack and let us know.



While blimp does support volumes, it does not support changing the volume driver or volume driver options.


Host bind mounts are implemented with file synchronization using Syncthing instead of a traditional volume mount. Syncthing configuration and logs can be found in the ~/.blimp/syncthing directory. In some circumstances, it’s possible for Syncthing to detect conflicts between the local file-system and generate .sync-conflict files.


Blimp provides limited network configuration options. The network_mode cannot be changed, and multiple named networks cannot be created. When these features are present in a docker-compose file, Blimp will ignore them and attempt to boot.