Docker Can Be Heavy

Over time the containers tend to proliferate, while our laptop’s RAM and CPU are fixed. Development gets slower and slower before it eventually grinds to a halt. With Blimp, access an infinite pool of resources to speed up your development.

Free Laptop
Free Laptop

Docker Compose in the Cloud

Make your day to day development process less heavy by running containers in the cloud. Blimp is a drop-in replacement for Docker Compose that speeds up traditional local development by going remote.

For development

Docker in Development

It doesn’t matter what you use in production, as long as you use Docker Compose for local development, Blimp can fit right into your existing setup. No need to learn a new tool, write new configuration files, or change your workflow.

Instant Setup

Blimp is easy to set up and fits seamlessly with your existing workflow. Use localhost to access your containers, and mount host volumes just as you would with Docker Compose.


# Install the Blimp CLI

curl -fsSL '' | sh

# Create your Blimp account

blimp login

# Boot your Docker Compose file

blimp up

Works for your setup

Works With Your Setup

Blimp works on Mac, Linux and Windows. Continue using your favorite editor, debugger and other tools you know and love. Blimp runs in the cloud but feels local.